What is B.P.H.(Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) ?
Hormonal changes that often beginat about age 40-45 years cause enlargement of prostate in almost all men. In medical terms this condition is refered to as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). This enlargment is a non-cancerouse growth, not life threatening, but may lead to problems with urinating. Discomfort begins when this new prostatic tissue grows, squeezing the urethra like a clamp.

Effects on the Bladder And Kidneys:
As the urethra narrows, bladder needs to push harder to urinate. This can cause the bladder walls to thicken and stretch out of shape, becoming less efficient. If urine stays in the bladder, infections can develop. Kidneys may also fail if they can't drain properly into the bladder when it's already full.

Symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia(BPH):
- A slow, interrupted and weak urine flow.
- Urgent desire to urinate.
- Difficulty in starting the urine flow.
- Leaking or dribbling before or after urination.
- The need to urinate frequently especially at night.

B.P.H.(Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) Treatment Options:
- KTP Laser
- TURP (Trans urethral Resection Of Prostate)
- Open Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery
- Nephrectomies
- Pyeloplasties
- Repair of vesico vaginal fistula
- Ureterolithotomies

- Endopyelotomy
- Ureteroscopy
- TUR of prostate
- Bladder tumours
- Endoscopic removal of bladder stones
- Optical internal urethrotomy

- Male infertility
- Operations -vaso-epididymal anastomosis

- Diagnosis and treatment of various types of impotence.
- Colour Doppler for measuring penile blood flow

Reconstruction Procedures
- Pyeloplasty
- Ileal replacement of ureter
- Boari flap
- Ectopia vesicae
- Augmentation cystoplasty
- Urethral and genital reconstruction including complex strictures.

ESWL(extracorporeal stock waves lithotripsy) for Urinary tract stones with latest generation Dornier ESWL.

Urooncology: complete care

- Stress urinary incontinence
- Recurrent urinery infection
- Uretero-vaginal
- Vesicovaginal
- Utero-vesical fistulae





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